Swisscoin experiences

 The cryptic currency is the money of the future . The digital currency is clearly the future of  online payment.

The ones who will join SwissCoin from the start  , will have the best chances to emerge as  winners from the Coin Gold Rush. 

Since we notice like many others the developing of Bitcoin, and we have annoyed many times, that we haven´t entered at the beginning , we are now very noisy about SwissCoin . The Bitcoin share price was in the beginning only a few cents , then it climbed in high approximately at about 1200 $ and is now at about  400 $.

2009 a man from Germany invested about 25 dollars in Bitcoins . A year later as he remembered about his investment , his 5000 coins have become worth 500 000 dollars.

We, as well as almost all other people, have missed the first digital gold rush with BitCoins in the year 2009. But here's our second chance. The timing is perfect!

As a new user you can get started with your first SwissCoins without understanding all the technical details. Primarily, it is important to secure your place as soon as possible, to belong to the upper elite.

1. What is SwissCoin ? Does it make sense to join?

SWISSCOIN - is a future digital cryptocurrency . This is a logical development of the BitCoin success story in Swiss style.  

The company is based in Canton Zug , the digital financial center of the new Crypto Valley in Switzerland. We are surrounded by Fintech thought leaders as BitCoin , Ethereum , Monetas , Block Chain Source , Swiss mining and many other innovative companies in the field of crypto currencies.

Here the future standards in cryptography and the algorithms for crypto currencies will take place.

Start 04 of June 2016 12:00

The first units - of Genesis block - the newly created currency , SWISSCOIN will go live with the system on 04th of  June 2016 at 12:00.

Location - Switzerland & Swiss citizenship as CEO

The CEO of SWISSCOIN is Werner Marquetant .

For him as a Swiss citizen , the reasons for the company headquarters in Switzerland is on the one hand the well known location advantages , as the long tradition of privacy , the stable , direct democracy and a supportive environment in computer science.

Crypto currencies are treated as foreign currencies in Switzerland . This means that there are no new laws necessary and the  environment for taxes is extremely advantageous .

Unique Hybrid Marketing Plan

Due to the rapid development and brilliant marketing plan, SwissCoin is suitable for investors and / or Networker . No " dead legs " . All SWISSCOINS are insured for free.

10 % Direct Bonus

On all directly mediated training packages you receive 10 % direct bonus on the business volume ( BV ) with daily payroll.

10 % Fast Start Bonus

For example, € 500 bonus for cumulative sales of at least 5,000 BV and with at least 2 First liners , each with a 50 - TESTER Pack within the first 30 days.

Up to 22% Team Bonus

One time qualification by 2 directly mediated Partner ( First Line ) , who bought at least one training pack for 25 € . All BV's are cumulated for all times. Team Bonuses are settled daily.

Matching Bonus up to 20 % & up to 11 levels deep

Matching bonus on the earnings of your own partners + unique qualification + daily settlement.

 Diamond pool with 1% of the worldwide turnover 

 Depending on the career level you will receive 1-7 units from the Diamond Pool. The Diamond pool is paid 2 times a year.

Bonus and career levels remain forever

4. How to earn money with SwissCoin?

Now this is of course the key issue for you ! The answer is quite simple : investment.  

So you 're doing nothing else, than many people do in the stock market . You invest a certain amount in a company and then you are involved in the gain price once SwissCoin is traded .  

The great opportunity is that SwissCoin is highly profitable , easy and it offers an ingenious compensation plan .  Unlike an investment in a company that may need to produce a product and establish it ,SwissCoin will work very quick .  

Besides the actual investment you could increase your winnings even further , by participating in the affiliate program of SwissCoin . This allows you to receive even more profits from each recruited member ( which is active ). But for more watch this below .

Once you have installed your wallet , it will generate your first SwissCoin address and you can create more , if more are needed .

You can enter one of your SwissCoin addresses to your friends .  

Familiarize yourself with the back office , buy one of the training packages ( starting at 25 , - € ) and start step by step to a successful future . Enter your sponsor link  ( Basic Data > My Data ) , and build up a great network.

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